Introducing my new Honey Caramel

Friday February 25th 2011

I am very excited to introduce my new Honey Caramel, which is now ready for launch from the confectionery hive.  My Honey Caramels have been a staple in the Assorted Caramel Collection, but now I have reformulated it, using the oh-so-delicious Ballard Bee Company's honey.  

I became interested in Corky Luster's story many months ago when I heard he started an urban pollination company, setting up hives all around Seattle in order to boost the honey bee population and the pollination of flowers and trees. The result is magnificent.  Not only is this honey beautifully golden and smooth, it is, at the same time, light and rich with subtle, yet very important aromatic notes.  And, to top it off, the packaging is fabulous.

  • Ballard Bee Honey
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